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Dog Code of Contact

The Town Center at Levis Commons welcomes all of the members of your family (even the four-legged ones).

Code of Conduct

Customers 18 years or older may bring their leashed, well-behaved dogs to the common areas of The Town Center at Levis Commons. In addition, merchants that permit dogs will have a sticker on their door to indicate that customers may bring dogs into the store. Merchants may have rules in addition to the ones listed below. The comfort and convenience of our human visitors is our first priority. Dog owners bringing their dog to The Town Center must follow these rules:

  • Dog must be leashed or inside a carrier at all times. Retractable leashes and leashes longer than six feet are not permitted.
  • Owner must supervise and have control of their dog at all times. Owner is legally responsible for their dog's behavior and cleaning up after them.
  • Do not leave your dog unattended or left in a minor's care.
  • Any dog that The Town Center at Levis Commons management deems as causing a disturbance or which may present a danger to others must be removed immediately from the premises by its owner.
  • Owner must comply with all applicable laws as it relates to their dog, including laws pertaining to dog licensing and vaccinations.
  • Owner must immediately notify Block by Block security of any incident involving their dog and provide all relevant information to the security team by calling (419) 669-4025
  • Dogs are not permitted in retail establishments where food is served.
  • Dogs are not permitted in the Mall's fountain.
  • Do not leave your dog alone in your vehicle for any reason.
  • Should your dog do ‘their business’ in a flowerbed, sidewalk, green space, or parking lot (really anywhere on property), please pick up after your dog and dispose of the waste in a nearby waste receptacle. If you do not have a doggie waste bag, please contact Block by Block Security at (419) 699-4025 (or find them strolling the Boulevard in their bright yellow shirts with dark pants) and they will bring you a one-time-use compostable waste bag for your dog’s business. Security also carries treats for well-behaved doggies, and they may provide one as reward for good behavior, including but not limited to: picking up your dog’s waste without prompting, reward to a happy doggie on a leashed walk with the owner’s permission, etc.

Helpful Tips to Customers

Ask permission from a dog’s owner before approaching or petting a dog. Do not crowd dogs, as they may become nervous and may exhibit negative behavior.

Dog-Friendly Retailers

Clearly identified with a puppy paw window cling on the front entry, these are the dog-friendly retailers at The Town Center at Levis Commons:

In compliance with ADA guidelines, all Service Dogs are welcome at Levis Commons.

When in doubt, please ask the store manager before bringing your dog inside. Restaurant patio areas may or may not be dog-friendly; please ask the restaurant manager directly.


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